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Textile complex, which meets the modern technological and civil-construction norms, was commissioned in 2009.

«PLASTEKS» Ltd. produces cotton yarn for weaving and knitting purpose. Our production is focused on both Ring-spinning and open-end technology.

The enterprise is equipped with the latest and most modern machineries from Europe – Switzerland, Italy and Germany such as «RIETER» «SAVIO» «LUWA» «Trützschler», «Schlafhorst», «Uster», «AtlasCopco», «Jossi».

Company has provided jobs for about 300-400 youths living in and around Yangiyul district.


Carded yarn

2'300 tons of carded yarn per year, knitting or weaving, Ne20/1, 24/1, 30/1.

  • Blowroom line RIETER
  • 5 card machines RIETER C60
  • 2 drawframes RIETER SB-D40 (first passage)
  • 2 drawframes RIETER RSB-D40 (second passage)
  • 3 roving frames RIETER F15 (120 spindles)
  • 9 ring-spinning machines RIETER G33+ (1200 spindles, 70 mm)
  • 4 winding machines SAVIO ORION «E» (64 sections)


Combed yarn

2'500 tons of combed yarn per year, knitting or weaving, Ne30/1, 36/1, 40/1.

  • Blowroom line RIETER
  • 6 card machines RIETER C60
  • 2 drawframes RIETER SB-D40 (first passage)
  • 1 lapping frame RIETER UNIlap Е-32
  • 5 comber machines RIETER Е-65
  • 3 drawframes RIETER RSB-D40 (second passage)
  • 3 roving machines RIETER F15 (120 spindles)
  • 11 ring-spinning machines RIETER G33+ (1200 spindles, 70mm)
  • 4 winding machines SAVIO ORION «E» (64 sections)


4’600 tons of yarn per year, knitting or weaving Ne20/1, 30/1.

  • Blowroom line Trützschler
  • 8 card machines Trützschler ТС07
  • 4 drawframes Trützschler ТD02 (first passage)
  • 4 drawframes Trützschler ТD03 (second passage)
  • 6 OE machines Schlafhorst AUTOCORO 480 (480 Rotors)
  • At all the phases of production the output is tested in the laboratory with the help of «USTER» company equipment to promote high quality production.
  • Packing meets the requirements of European standards (boxes, pallets).
  • Finish product is exported to Europe and Turkey.



To assure a high quality output we use the cotton fiber, cultivated in South Region of Uzbekistan. The base raw material is a cotton fiber of First sort. Fiber length varies from 1,1/16» to 1,5/32» and depends on process technology requirements.



The enterprise owns developed production infrastructure.

Territory total area is 4,1 hectare.

The territory includes,

  • Total area of engineering building with 14740 m2, which includes main production line, industrial waste gathering, air conditioning and air-treatment systems, manager‘s office, laboratory, kitchen and dining room for personnel, cloakroom and sanitary arrangements.
  • Two administrative buildings include hotel for 8 foreign specialists and visitors.
  • Warehouses for raw materials and finished product with the total area of 2347 m2.
  • There are autonomic power stations and battery backup generators.
  • Compressed air systems, water purifying and water softening equipment, water tanks for firefighting systems. In winter time gas boiler and water heater are used for shower cubicles and bathroom units.



Quality policy of «PLASTEKS» Ltd. -

  • Steady output with high and stable quality
  • Close and beneficial cooperation with customers for continuous satisfaction
  • 100% export of output
  • Development of market relationships, searching for new clients

Ingenious spinning-
is our priority !
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